Bonnie goes boating (Oldies Club)

Gorgeous Bonnie came into Oldies Club care when her previous owner went into a residential home and could not take Bonnie along – this poor girl was left home alone. Bonnie settled into her foster home very quickly, so much so that her wonderful fosterers decided they couldn’t part with her and would like to adopt her.

We have just received this lovely update from them:

“Bonnie has been with us now for over six months and she settled down immediately. She took our grandchildren in her stride and has been perfect with them.
Taking her to the vet has been a dream and the vet described her as a poppet when she had her ultrascan for her heart murmur. The only downside is when he asks each time if she has collapsed or is badly out of breath, she seems so fit, is he really talking about Bonnie. We love coming home to her as she is so excited, like a bullet flying round the house in circles, on the settees, under the coffee table and round again two or three times.

Bonnie loves her walks but she gets so excited meeting other dogs: can all dogs do somersaults at the end of their lead at 12 years old?

We took her on holiday to Northumberland and she went on a boat trip to see the seals with us, she seems to enjoy her new experiences.”

It is wonderful to see Bonnie having such a great life after all she has been through. A big thank you to her new family for giving this lovely girl a second chance.