Cat-Free Foster Homes Needed

If you are interested in fostering for the Oldies Club and you don’t have cats, we would love to hear from you :)

The majority of our foster carers have cats in residence, but a lot of the dogs we are asked to help aren’t used to living with¬†cats and in some cases strongly dislike cats. Take pretty Perdy pictured above, who is in Oldies Club care in a foster home in Cornwall. Perdy is a lovely girl but she dislikes cats, so she is in one of our few cat-free foster homes.

If a dog on our waiting list isn’t cat-friendly, it faces a very long wait for a cat-free foster home and we are often contacted about dogs that need somewhere to go urgently. This is a worrying problem.

If you are interested in fostering and don’t have cats…..

Please email our foster recruitment co-ordinator on – If you don’t have a resident dog either, we would be delighted to hear from you as cat-and-dog-free foster homes are like gold dust!

If you are interested in fostering but do have cats …

You might still be able to help as we also need more foster homes where pairs, Staffies or large breeds such as German Shepherds would be welcome. If you would like to foster pairs, bull breeds or large breeds please email