Collie Princess Kate reaches her teens (Oldies Club)

kate 2

Beautiful rough collie Kate has settled into her new home as though she’s always been there.  Her new family adore her and clearly she feels the same about them.  This is what her mum had to say about her.

“Kate is doing really well. She had her 13th birthday recently. We love her more than words can say. She is very attached to me and wants to be where I am most of the time. I have never known such a sweet, kind, gentle soul.

kate 3


She loves her food and her treats and loves her toys. She is quite the football player. She loves going in the car and recently we took her to the beach which was just amazing to see.

kate1 (Small) (2)

Healthwise she is doing well, we have her off of daily painkillers for her arthritis and on supplements. She gets a good massage weekly from me and a groom every second month. We pray God will keep her for us for another few years.”

PS  She also has a new baby brother!”

kate 4

We wish Kate and her family many happy years together.