Could You Help with Meet & Greets or Street Collections for Oldies Club?

Oldies Club attends events around the country throughout the year to help raise much needed funds and also spread the word of dogs in Oldies Club care, and to hopefully find more volunteers to help us.

We are now looking for volunteers who can help us further fundraise street collections and meet & greets.

A Street Collection is where money can be collected in a public place as long as the the correct licence/permit has been applied for and granted by the local council.

A Meet & Greet is where representatives for Oldies Club meet the public to spread the word. These tend to take place at popular pet shops and well routed areas in the doggy world for example Pets at Home.

Oldies Club are happy to do the organising of these events if we can find the man (&dog) power to attend.

We are creating a provisional list at the moment so we can see who can help in what area. So please, once you get a spare moment, and you think you can help please contact us on