Honey – the superstar senorita! (Oldies Club)

Dear little Honey came into Oldies Club care through no fault of her own, and it wasn’t long before her perfect new owners, an experienced  Jack Russell couple, adopted her.

Honey was lucky enough to travel to Spain for Christmas and the New Year and nothing fazed her at all:  not the car ferry, going in and out of hotels, not even the language!  She probably didn’t expect to have such an exciting life at her age, but it just goes to show that you are never too old!

We have just received this lovely update:

“Thank you for all the information we were given about Honey, it was very useful, especially the meeting with Beverley, who had been fostering her.

For instance I thought I would have a dry food eating dog but after discovering that she had had quite a bit of dental work and trying her on it, it was obvious that that was not going to be the case. Common sense prevailed and she still has her Butcher’s Choice.

One thing which may be useful to prospective rehomers maybe whether the dog travels well or not.  We were very, very fortunate we never though about it until after we had  her but it could have caused us a problem had she not been so good in the car.

We had previously had three JRT’s , all at the same time, so are used to the breed and  did not find their silly traits or the desire to be boss a problem.  Honey was a little subdued & clingy for perhaps a day or so, but as far as we are aware she had been removed from her two foster buddies, Alf and Maisie, had endured kennels and the loss of her owner.  However, soon after her personality shone through and you could see her thinking: “Well, they obviously think I am a superstar so they will not send me back I am here to stay. The couch is mine!”

Peter, my husband is 86 and I am 72 Honey is around 11ish so we can all grow a little older together and enjoys each other’s company.  She is great motivator and ensures that we get out of our armchairs and walk her, which is good for all three of us.  We are delighted with her – and cannot thank you all enough. She fits in so well with us. Keep up the good work!”