Izzy – adventurer in a rucksack (Oldies Club)


If you look at the Oldies Club website regularly, I suspect you will remember seeing Itsy Bitsy Izzy, a tiny girl all snugged up in her bright pink sweater. Lots of people fell in love with her and her new owners absolutely adore her. We’ve had this update from them, together with some lovely pictures.

izzy3 (Small)

Izzy has settled in really well, she is very much part of the family. She is even trying to boss the cat about!

She loves following everyone around the house and getting involved in whatever activity we are doing. She is friendly with all our visitors and gets lots of attention and fuss wherever we go. She likes going for short walks and will happily sit in a rucksack when she gets tired. She walked miles of Devon with us on holiday!

izzy7 (Small)

Despite her age, Izzy never ceases to amaze us with her energy and playfulness. Her favourite trick is sneaking upstairs when she thinks we have gone to bed and can’t hear her. What she doesn’t realise is that her claws make lots of noise on the floorboards! She then settles down upon a cushion and sleeps there all night.

izzy6 (Small)

We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect little dog!”

Clearly Izzy found the perfect home and we hope she and her humans have a long and happy time together.

izzy4 (Small)