Beagly Barney has completed this happy family (Oldies Club)

rehoming barney 10 (Small)

When gorgeous Barney came into the care of Oldies Club, it quickly became obvious that he’d love to be part of a family where there were children to play with.  In his foster home, he really enjoyed playing ball and tug o’ war and showed himself to be a highly intelligent, loving boy.   Fortunately, the ideal family for Barney saw him on the Oldies Club website and before long he was off to his new life.   Here’s the story from his new mum:

“We were accepted to adopt Barney in December 2015 and had to wait a week before we could see him for the first time at his foster home. From the moment we met him, we knew he was a very special little dog who would fit perfectly into our family! My two boys adored him and couldn’t wait to get him into the car for the journey home!

Barney settled so well on his first night with us and it was like he had always lived with us!

rehoming barney 9 (Small)

He certainly has lots of energy for his 10 year age! Always wanting to play with my children and loves to learn new tricks! He was obviously well looked after in previous homes and taught manners and commands, including a cute wave!

We really couldn’t have asked for a better family member. Alongside his playful nature, Barney adores cuddles and has formed a great bond with my 5year old son, who, before Barney came along, was slightly mistrusting of dogs, but Barney has changed this and is now his best buddy, even having to have his bed in the boys bedroom to feel part of the gang! We call Barney his guardian! My eldest son is Barney’s play mate, and they are forever playing tug of war (Barney favourite game!) and chase!

rehoming barney 6 (Small)

Barney’s write up on the Oldies adoption website was so very accurate which made our choice of finding a new dog that would fit in with our lives very easy and he truly has brought a lot of love and joy into our house!

We are so grateful to the Oldies adoption team, including the foster carers, for making this possible for us. Also for the amazing support since adopting Barney, even the silliest of questions were answered and advice has been second to none!

And so, having had Barney bless our lives, I hope we can keep him as fit and healthy as he has been up until now and continue to give him a fun home and give him as much love as he gives us! We call him Barney the wonder dog as he is just amazing in every way and so clever. Like his foster carer once messaged me , ” For a little dog , he has such a huge presence!”

rehoming barney 4 (Small)

It’s lovely to get stories like this.  We hope that Barney and his family have many happy years together and thank you for giving him such a lovely home.