*Please help Chester and his very poorly ears*

Hello, I’m Chester, a GSD cross Collie boy who came into Oldies Club care in March 2016 after my previous owner and I sadly lost our home.

Unfortunately after arriving in Oldies Club foster care it was immediately obvious that, along with not being in the greatest condition generally, I have VERY poorly ears :-(. I was taken to the vets and given painkillers and booked in for a GA so that swabs could be taken and an appropriate treatment plan established.

Oldies Club is not yet sure of the total for my vet care so far, and I will obviously require ongoing medical help, so I have set a fundraising page upĀ (with a little help!) to raise as much as possible towards my care. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

Chester and his very poorly ears

I’d be really grateful if you would donate whatever you can spare and use the share options to ask your dog-loving family and friends if they could help too, please :-)

I am very glad that Oldies Club was able to take me in and arrange for me to receive veterinary care and I – and everyone at Oldies Club – hopes that my ears are feeling much happier soon.

Thank you, Chester x