Raising funds for Oldies Club with Villager Jim

Many of you will likely recognise this beautiful image, one of many offered on all sorts of products at Villager Jim :-). We’re very pleased to have established an affiliate scheme with Villager Jim, whereby Oldies Club will receive a donation for purchases made through the Villager Jim website, when using our unique affiliate link.

To shop, please click HERE, which will pick up our unique reference link and ensure a donation is raised through your purchase at Villager Jim. Please note that you will need to click on that link and shop directly from it each time to ensure Oldies Club receives a donation. Donation amounts vary from 6-50% depending on the product, so all purchases count :-)

If you’re new to Villager Jim’s work, do take a look at the site via the above link. There are many gorgeous images of dogs and other animals available on canvas, calendars, phone cases, greeting cards, bags, home and gardenware items and more! A gift for everyone :-).

With thanks to Villager Jim for establishing this donation scheme with Oldies Club.

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