Swimming Sam the Australian bedwarmer (Oldies Club, fostered Dorset)


Sam is an adorable 14 year old Beagle x Australian Cattle Dog who was born in Australia but moved to the UK with his owner. When his owner had to return to Australia recently, Sam’s vet thought that the long flight would be too much for old Sam, and so he needed to find a rescue place. Sam came into the Oldies Club rescue and went to a foster home in Dorset.


Sam immediately made himself at home in foster, made friends with the resident dog, and seemed very happy with his new situation. His foster carers quickly decided that Sam was too special to let go, and they have decided to adopt him.


Sam would like to send this message to his previous owner:

Dad, I’m sure you must be missing me and feeling sad about having to leave me behind, but please don’t worry about me. I’m having a really wonderful time and have found myself a lovely home. It’s in the countryside and I have lovely fields plus my very own pond where I can take myself for a swim on warm days.


We’re close to the coast and I’ve already been to three different beaches and enjoyed swimming in the sea.




My new dog friend is an amiable old chap and we like to stroll around together, taking in the sights and smells.

I sleep on the bed with my new mum at night, and my new dad likes me to sit on his lap and give him kisses.


I’m really enjoying my food (nothing new there!) but have managed to lose a little weight as I’m being very active and having lots of fun walks. I had my teeth cleaned at the vet last week, which wasn’t a lot of fun to be honest, but it’s made my breath smell so much nicer and I’m feeling very chirpy and perky now.

So, Dad, I just wanted you to know that I’m having a great time here and my new family think I am wonderful and will do their very best to make all my days happy ones. I really hope you are looking after yourself, Dad. Take care.

Love and kisses