Beautiful Ben’s life is now fun, fun, fun (Oldies Club)

Ben the Border Collie came into Oldies Club care after his owner was taken to hospital and Ben was left home alone.  He settled into his foster home and his fosterer reported that he was a wonderful house guest.  As you can imagine, once he appeared on the Oldies Club website, lots of people wanted to adopt him.   Now he’s having the time of his life in his forever home.  His new owner has told us:
“He’s very friendly with people and dogs and enjoys playing with a whole basket full of toys. 
Ben has a full range of service providers attending to his needs – vet, groomer, chiropractor.   Friends keep buying him soft toys (one even had one especially made for him! ) and he also has the toys which belonged to a lovely collie we had called Luke, who also loved them.
Ben is a lovely dog and he is clearly very attached to us already.  Thank you for giving us the chance to adopt him”
Looks like he even has his own flock of sheep!    Have a lovely life, Ben!