Will you help us help lovely Lucas, please?

Hi! My name is Lucas. I am a 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel boy, who arrived in the care of Oldies Club earlier in 2017.

I have settled into my foster home and have been enjoying walks and attention, but I have had to visit the vet on various occasions since arriving in Oldies Club care a few months ago. I recommend you don’t read this next bit if you’re eating … but I have been having some problem with my anal glands and recently, I had to have them flushed and packed out with antibiotics. Please keep everything crossed this resolves the problem so that I can avoid having to have them removed. I also had a dental.

I heard that Oldies Club had received a new vet bill, in addition to costs already incurred, taking my vet bill total to over £3,800 to date, so I decided to setup this page (with a little help ;-)) and I ask you, if you are able, to please make a donation and to ask your dog-loving family, friends etc. if they could help too. Click HERE to donate directly to my fundraising page, please?

Thank you, Lucas x



~ Hi, I am Shani. I came into the care of Oldies Club towards the end of April 2017.

Unfortunately, just after arriving in rescue, the vet discovered a lump on my chest and she suggested a biopsy to see what it was. The results revealed that sadly the lump was likely to be a soft tissue sarcoma :-( I had surgery on 18 May 2017 and am now back at my lovely foster home, recovering. Oldies Club is expecting to receive the results in a few days.

My vet bills have reached over £4,200 so far, so I have setup my very own fundraising page – please click HERE. Would you be able to make a donation to help raise the funds for my surgery costs, please? Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated :-)


Sweet Shani


~ Hello, my name is Fudge and I really need your help! I had severe ear problems prior to coming into Oldies Club and, despite best efforts/vet treatment to help me since I came into the rescue’s care, the vet considers that I am now in a lot of pain :-(

Oldies Club now has to find a lot of money to pay for surgery for both my ears and I would be really grateful if you could donate any amount you can spare. *Any* amount. Your support will mean that my ears should feel so much better, while lessening the impact on the charity’s ability to help other older dogs.

Please click HERE to donate to my vet bills via my fundraising page.  

Update for Fudge: I have now had surgery on both my ears and am feeling much happier. I have started playing in ways I wasn’t before! The fundraising goal has been amended to reflect the cost of surgery for both ears. Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated. Your support is greatly appreciated :-)

Oldies Club, dog rescue, fundraising, chocolate Labrador, Labrador

Please help if you can – and please ask your dog-loving family, friends etc. if they can help too?

Thank you.

Love, Fudge xxx


~ Helping Flash and Angel ~

Hi, I am Flash (the handsome chap looking at the camera) with my ‘sister’ Angel. We are a gorgeous pair of sugar-frosted sofa hounds (AKA Staffies), who came into the care of Oldies Club, a volunteer-run charity that rescues and rehomes older dogs in the UK, in August 2016.

Unfortunately after arriving in our lovely Oldies Club foster home, it became apparent that we both had serious health issues and our combined vet bills are currently expected to reach at least £2,500! We have setup our own fundraising page and we would love for you to help us and Oldies Club by making a donation. Please CLICK HERE  to read more and to make a donation.

Flash and Angel, sofa hounds

We would be very grateful for any donation that you can spare, of any amount. Please never think what you can offer isn’t enough. It all adds up and is very much appreciated by everyone at Oldies Club. Please also share our page with your dog-loving family and friends, in the hope that they will want to help too.

With thanks and Staffie kisses,

Flash and Angel

April 2017: We are delighted to update this page with the news that Flash and Angel have been adopted by their new foster family, which means they get to stay with them forever, as part of the family :-). Thank you very much to everyone who has donated. Their fundraising page will remain open for anyone who would like to contribute to the vet costs accumulated while this gorgeous pair were in foster.


Hi, I am Trixie Teefs (aren’t they adorable?!), a very sweet dog in the care of Oldies Club. I recently had to have an operation to remove a lump from my paw. The vets gave me a pink bandage, as you can see, and I am back at my lovely foster home recovering and receiving lots of TLC.

I have set a fundraising page up – with a little help, as I’m resting my paws at the moment – in the hope of raising money to help Oldies Club with my vet bill. Please CLICK HERE to donate.

Thank you so much.

Love, Trixie Teefs (and the volunteers at Oldies Club) xxx

Thank you to everyone who donated towards my vet bills. Vet bills cost Oldies Club a lot of money! I am very pleased to update that I have been adopted :-)

Trixie, Oldies Club, rescue dog, teefs


~ Helping Bailey ~

Hi, I am Bailey. I am rather cute, aren’t I? I came into the care of Oldies Club in June 2016.

Unfortunately, after arriving in Oldies Club foster care, it became clear that my left ear was badly infected and that my teeth were in bad shape :-(. I have also been nibbling at my feet. I have been to the vets and had to take a bit of a nap while the nice vet removed some of my teeth, cleaned the rest of them, gather my ears a thorough clean, cleaned my sore paws and even gave me a bit of a haircut while I was asleep! I also have cataracts, but now my fringe has been trimmed it will help me to make the most of the vision I do have left.

I returned from the vets with a bit of a medicine bag, including antibiotics for my teeth infection, ear drops to hopefully clear up the last of that problem, and some steroids to help my itchiness. The vet and vet nurses took great care of me and said I am lovely – and I am very glad to now be back recovering in my wonderful foster home.

I have set up a fundraising page in the hope of raising money to help Oldies Club with my vet bills, as they are taking such great care of me. Please CLICK HERE to make a donation. Any amount you can spare will be very gratefully received – and please tell your dog-loving family, friends, colleagues etc. about me too :-)

Thank you so much!

Love, Bailey (and the volunteers at Oldies Club) xxx

Bailey has now been adopted.

Bailey, Oldies Club, rescue dog, Lhasa Apso