Her Royal Highness, the Princess sends news (Oldies Club)

Her Royal Highness, erstwhile Princess of Shropshire is now happily settled in her new realm.  She has her new people trained well and has recently given them permission to take her on holiday.  She has sent us her newsletter, kindly written by her new owner – a Princess can’t be bothered by all that writing stuff.  She has underlings for that.

Princess is on holiday with us in Devon this week. She had her first trip to the beach today and as you can see she loved it!    

She is doing really well.    She had her first check up at our vets last week and she is fine. She has completely settled to life in her new home and is even encouraging the cat to love her too.  

We are very pleased that she came to live with us and I think Princess is happy.
Until her next newsletter, we hope everyone is ok and that she isn’t missed too much.  We have held a meeting and princess is delighted that you want to use her story and photographs.   We can’t wait to see the updates.”


Feb 2017.  Princess has sent us another lovely update (she’s now called Ladybird):

She has had a hair cut and whilst she lost those lovely bouncy locks it is growing back very nicely and we can see her shape and features. It is nice to see her muscles developing as she is getting stronger and stronger and enjoying her walks. She enjoys walking so much that as soon as her harness is attached to her body she sits at the front door waiting patiently for everyone to get ready!  Her tail wags a lot and whilst she takes a while to warm up she then gets on with hills and mud and thoroughly enjoys her trips out.

She had another check up with the eye specialist today and she has been given another clean bill of health and has been discharged for three months. Her eyes are both very stable and she is responding to the treatment regime. We are very sure that she can see much more clearly and she is certainly happier in herself.

She continues to live in harmony with the cat who is very funny with Ladybird’s tail. She catches it in her claws and treats it like a toy. Mostly ladybird is oblivious and she is so good natured that they regularly share Ladybird’s bed.

Ladybird has a strong presence at my firm and all productivity stops whenever she is in the office. We are holding a sponsored dog walk in March to raise funds for the local PDSA and we have just approved a branded coat or bandana for Ladybird to wear!

So Ladybird has been with us for almost 4 months now and it feels like she has always been here. We are looking out for a companion for Ladybird and hope to introduce her to another dog by the summer of this year.