Sam’s living happily ever after (Oldies Club)

When little Sam, the Jack Russell terrier came into the care of the Oldies Club it was clear that he would need a peaceful quiet home where he could relax and just enjoy being loved.    And we found just that.  Sam went off to his ideal home just after Christmas and has settled in so well.  Here’s what his new owner has to say about him:

Enjoying life definitely!  He slips into my bed early in the morning and usually gets up when I do (very reluctantly!).  Sometimes he stays in bed under the duvet most of the morning.  He always manages to take up the middle of the bed AND the middle of the sofa !  He follows me everywhere and always has to sit touching me on the sofa or bed.


He has a little blue rain coat and we have a nice walk along this path in the mornings where he sniffs and pees every 5 yards.  And he is absolutely obsessed with this yellow nylon bone!  Thank goodness the deafening squeak lasted only as long as it took him to chew a hole in the end!  And I have learnt the hard way not to leave my wastepaper bin on the floor of my study. He loves going down it and making a mess, tearing everything to pieces. He is useless at picking it all up though!

He is patiently lying on my study floor as I type and so we are off for a walk now.  I say “Walkies” in a silly high pitched voice and he gets so excited, jumping up and down, all feet off the floor.   Soooo cute !

It sounds as though Sam adores his new owner as much as she adores him.  We hope you have many happy years together and thank you for giving him such a lovely home.