Super cute Sammy Sam (Oldies Club)

Sammy the Yorkie is the epitome of cute – just look at that lovely face and those ears!   Sammy came into Oldies club care after his owner had to move to a nursing home.  He settled well in his foster home but, as you can imagine,  it wasn’t long before someone fell in love with him and he was off to his forever place.   This is what his happy owners have to say about their new family member:

We are so grateful that the Oldies Club were happy for us to bring Sammy into our home….he is such a dear little dog and we have not laughed so much for a long time! He has settled beautifully and has adapted to our routine very quickly… minute he is trotting off with my husband for his much loved walk to see the alpacas and goats down at the farm, the next, he is fast asleep next to me on the sofa when I need to rest, his legs in the air, gently snoring. Sammy is so trusting and loving and this is, we’re sure, in no small way due to the time and care given by his foster family who looked after him this past summer.


Sammy was very good meeting his new vet (all fine) and we agreed to continue with Chappie for the moment as he likes it, it seems to be suiting him and it is easier for him to eat with only 3 back teeth! He has now reached his ideal weight after exploring the cliff paths in Cornwall plus finding plenty of scents to follow in our country garden. He is sleeping well and lets us know exactly what he needs….which is very helpful!

We were somewhat concerned that Sammy might be unsettled after being taken on holiday only 12 days after he arrived, but he took it all in his stride and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our daughter and son-in-law who came with us. By the time we came home, it seemed like we had had him for ever. He loved being by the seaside, though we had to be careful when around certain other dogs, as we had been told.


Sammy is relaxed enough now to wander off to another part of the house, so long as he knows one of us is around. He does have some separation anxiety if at least one of us is not in the house which we shall slowly work on. He has a mischievous side …he knows exactly what he is doing and is quite a character! …but responds very well to commands when needed. He loves his cuddles, but they must be on his terms! …. needless to say, we shall have so much fun having him around. Sammy is a very friendly dog with visitors and captures the hearts of everyone he meets.


Our sincere thanks to all who run the Oldies Club, fosterers, transporters, fundraisers and all volunteers who help to support the charity in different ways. We were very impressed by the professional manner in which the adoption process is handled and would recommend the club to anyone who wishes to consider an older dog or who is not able to take on the commitment of a puppy. We shall do all we can to give Sammy a happy life here….it has been a privilege to see how much love an older rehomed dog has to give and it is wonderful to have the chance to return that love in his later years.”

It sounds as though Sammy and his new family are ideally matched and we wish them a long and happy life together.