Teddy (was Popeye) loves to be beside the seaside (Oldies Club)

Teddy is having a lovely life.  Originally known as Popeye, this gorgeous little lad came into Oldies Club care because dogs were no longer allowed in his owner’s rented accommodation.   He settled well in his foster home and very soon, someone fell in love with him.  He is now called Teddy and his forever home is at the seaside so he’s permanently on his hols.  He is a much loved member of his new family and has really found the perfect place to spend the rest of his life.  Here’s what his happy owner has to say:

 “As you can guess we are absolutely nuts about Teddy here and love him to bits, he creates so many smiles when he goes out people just want to cuddle him and he always gets attention.  We are so lucky to have this beautiful old man who brings so much joy with his antics and stubborn little ways he is of course the boss. 

 He is a real character and runs the show here, even tells me when to go to bed , he comes and nudges my leg with his little nose . He is adorable and my brave little soldier, completely bomb-proof in thunderstorms and on Bonfire night he never batters an eyelid only to say “How boring it all is Mummy”.  He loves to sit on the floor behind my seat in the car occasionally hopping back onto the seat to look out of the window , he has his harness clipped to his lead so he can move around to snuggle his old bones on his furry blanket, he has so many friends he meets up with on his morning walks along the prom, he is a favourite with the local doggy set , and sometimes he meets  with his best friend Dusty, a Bichon Frise little girl she’s quite a youngster but is very gentle with him. He knows his way around now and decides just where he wants to walk, he loves to paddle but is not allowed on the beach until the end of September when he chases the seagulls and crows. He has lots of naps but can run like a puppy when he goes out, usually slowing to a trot and finishes with a carry on the last lap.  He enjoys his doggy holidays in a caravan either in Lincolnshire or Devon and maybe will have an extra one this year. 
And a quick message from Teddy who is busy helping to pack:
I will be moving where I shall live in a lovely bungalow with a garden enclosed by a 6 foot fence so I can run in and out of the French doors and play in the garden, and there is a huge sandy beach just down the road so I can squish my paws in it everyday and paddle in the sea when I want to. But it is the North Sea not the English Channel so I might not want to.  Thank you Oldies for finding my Mummy I love her so much I lie on her feet so she doesn’t leave me behind, there are oodles of boxes in the flat and I like to hide in one, I have to go and make sure all my teddies and toys are packed in a special box with my name on it.”