Whichever way up he is, Mikey’s loving his new life (Oldies Club)

Mikey the greyhound has found the perfect forever home.  Looking at these pictures, it’s clear he’s very happy and very chilled out.  Make sure you go right to the end to see a picture of him modelling his new winter outfit.  Well, a lad has to keep warm!

This is what his new owners say about him:

Mikey’s a joy to live with.  He makes us laugh every day with his facial expressions & funny behaviour traits!  Watching him get his bedding just to his liking is a daily highlight & when he knows he’s going out in the car he goes crazy with excitement. 
Getting his food right has been the most difficult thing as he has a sensitive tum but I think we’re there now.  He has excellent manners and is very well behaved, someone taught him well in the past.
Mikey loves meeting people & everyone seems to love him right back.  We get stopped everywhere with strangers asking all about him & saying what a lovely gentle face he has. 
Adopting Mikey’s brought us nothing but happiness & we feel lucky to have such a loving, happy, easy-going dog in our lives.  Also wanted to say that we let him off-lead & he runs like a bullet around the park, it’s the best feeling in the world to see the look on his face!”