A very happy story for Rosie & Millie (Wythall Animal Rescue, Birmingham)

What can be better than one happy dog?   In this case, definitely two happy dogs, Rosie and Millie!   They appeared on our website on behalf of Wythall Rescue in Birmingham because their previous owners were moving and sadly couldn’t take their dogs with them.   However, no sooner had details of Rosie and Millie appeared on our site than they were spotted by  a lovely couple who were looking for an oldie or oldies to adopt.  And just before Christmas, to everyone’s delight, Rosie and Millie went off to their perfect forever home.


This is what their new owners say:

“We decided to adopt an oldie as we know they struggle to get re-homed.   Older dogs have so much love to give and they really appreciate your time and affection.   As soon as Millie and Rosie were put on the website we wanted to adopt them and try to give them the dream retirement home. Since we have had them they have changed our lives, it’s amazing how loyal they have become already.”

We wish you all a very happy life together.