In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Itty Bitty Bella (Oldies Club Sponsor Dog)

22/02/18 Sadly Bella had become a poorly girl and stopped eating. Although an initial injection brought her appetite back it soon went again and her fosterer knew it was time to let her go. Vets at the practice believe she had secondary tumours in her lungs and had started to suffer. Sleep tight lovely girl x

Bella is a cute 15ish year old Terrier Cross who came into Oldies Club care in March 2017. She came into Oldies Club care via a Local Authority Pound after being signed over.

Bella is such a good little girl, after arrival at her foster home she made quick introductions with the resident dogs. After all dogs had sniffed each other she then just walked into the house and settled down for a nap.

Little Bella came into our care with horrendous mammary tumours and was quickly taken to the vets to be assessed as to whether they could be removed giving how advanced they were and her age. The vets concluded that she would be strong enough to withstand the operation so she was booked in.

Poor Bella’s nasty tumours

After Bella had her operation and returned, her fosterer couldnt believe the transformation within a few days. She had gone from a poor old lady lying in her bed all day, obviously terribly unhappy and in pain to a little monkey wagging her tail all the time, trying to get upstairs, jumping up to be stroked and just so happy.

Although Bella is a happy little girl when her fosterers are around she has quite bad separation anxiety and cries when she is left even in the presence of the other dogs. She also suffers from incontinence. Due to her health concerns and age, Oldies Club made the decision to place Bella in our sponsor dog scheme, which means she will remain at her lovely foster home on a permanent basis, with the charity paying her vet bills for the rest of her life.

Bella is a flirty little madam and there is a very attractive Romanian gentleman spaniel in her foster home who is about the same age as her and she drives him mad trying to get him to play and barking at him for attention. Fortunately for him he is stone deaf which is a little frustrating for Bella.

Bella now spends her days sunbathing, snoozing and playing with the other dogs in the house. She also adores lots of cuddles and tummy tickles.

If you would love to offer a home to an oldie but your circumstances aren’t suitable, perhaps you would be kind enough to sponsor Bella, or one of the other special oldies we are caring for in our sponsor dog scheme.



In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.