Please support us this Love an Oldie Day!

Good morning. It’s Love an Oldie Day again! We often talk to you about our vet bills, which run into many thousands of pounds each month to look after the sugar-frosted dogs in our care, but today we’re going to talk to you about love too – please CLICK HERE.

For those who are not already aware of our wonderful work, Oldies Club is a volunteer-run charity that rescues and rehomes older dogs in the UK. Dogs arrive in rescue for all sorts of reasons, some through a reluctant parting with loving humans. For other dogs, it is indeed a blessing that they have found their way into rescue and out of their previous environment.

It’s hard to imagine how it must feel for an old dog to find themselves losing their familiar environment and separated from all they know. As a charity, we work hard to place our dogs in a specially-chosen foster home that we feel will best suit their needs. There, along with receiving any necessary vet treatment while they’re assessed for a forever home, our dogs are also able to relax as part of a family and, so importantly, be loved. For some dogs, this will be a continuation of the love they have previously received, though from new people and animal friends. For other dogs, this may be the first time in their lives that they have received the love and care that they have always deserved.

We invite you to make a donation to our Love an Oldie Day fundraising page – please CLICK HERE – to help us continue our essential rescue work. If you donate via the above link, you can choose to add a message to appear with the details of your donation, if you wish. Perhaps you would like to dedicate the donation to a beloved animal friend, past or present, or a special animal-loving person in your life?

We have been rescuing and rehoming older dogs for approaching thirteen years now and we cover the cost of all veterinary treatment while Oldies Club dogs are in foster care, including our sponsor dogs in permanent foster. We appreciate every donation made to support us and you can donate from £2 upwards via the above link.

With gratitude,??

Oldies Club, the little rescue with a big heart x