This animal has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Violet (Pawz For Thought, Sunderland)

11/12/18 – Violet has been adopted! Hooray!

Dignified Violet is a strong minded lady of around 10 years. She’s been at Pawz For Thought in North Hylton, Sunderland for two years now. This is because she’s aloof with strangers. Once Violet gets to know and trust you she will run to greet you!

Violet currently lives communally but would prefer to be an only cat. She is unhappy at Pawz because she has to live with three smelly boys! (Her face says it all)  The boys have learned to maintain a one metre distance at all times so they don’t annoy her.

She enjoys a good head rub – head only mind – she does not like to be stroked down her back and will forcefully object. As long as people respect her boundaries, she’s all sweetness and light, so she’d better not have any young children at home.

All Violet wants is to be pampered in her own home. She would enjoy a home where she had access to a safe outside space to luxuriate in the sunshine.

Her rescuer said, “I was watching her the other evening with a volunteer who spends time with the long term cats. Violet ran to her when she entered the cat cabin. She does not run to just anyone like that, you do have to work a bit to win her over. She was very animated and pleased to see her. It breaks your heart to think she’s in a rescue without a person of her own when she obviously craves the attention of someone. “

If you feel you might be worthy of Violet’s affection, please contact Pawz For Thought as follows:

Phone:  Lynne on  07718 771 591


Please say you saw Violet on the Oldie Club website.

Rehomed Cats & Others This animal has found a new home and is no longer looking.