Brave Bailey now very much loved!

We heard from Golden Hero Bailey‘s adopters not long after he went to his new home. Here are their lovely updates:

10 weeks ago Bailey came into our lives. We were surprised how small he was. We fell for him instantly. Knowing his background of being left tied up to a lamppost and closing down in kennels (before he came to the Oldies Club rescue), having been fostered to 3 homes, he had finally found his forever home. We also knew about him being a hero alerting a fosterer to a fire next door and even making the BBC News. Read the story of Bailey’s heroism on the BBC website here.

Bailey’s first evening with us:

Bailey has settled very well. He loves his walks and I can now let him off lead to play ball.

His dried biscuit diet has been changed to raw and what a lovely bright eyed boy he has become. Beautiful shiny coat. He loves getting cuddles from one of the grandchildren.

He clearly feels at home and can be found hidden under the garden table on pigeon patrol:

His favourite place of all is on the sofa with a big smile on his face:

We are so pleased we found the Oldies site for us to have this wonderful little boy in our lives. He certainly is 13 years young.

How lovely it is to see heroic Bailey looking so content and very much loved.