Dan – a match made in heaven!

Gorgeous little Dan, a Jack Russell Cross, was adopted from Oldies Club back in July 2017. Since then we have had a number of lovely updates from his smitten new owner. Here are some excerpts that demonstrate what a wonderful life Dan has in his new home:

We are a match made in heaven! He is so sweet natured and such a lovely cuddle that we have been inseparable this week. My family friends and neighbours are all smitten as well. He is settling in really well and every day a little more of his character shows through. I am besotted!

I took these photos of Dan this week and thought you might like to see how good he is looking! He is almost down to his ideal weight (just half a kilo to go!) and is very fit and active. He still takes Apoquel but I have brought the dose right down, and had some dental work done, and the vet says he’s a very healthy boy. He’s become very bossy and a bit naughty but I love it as it tells me he’s feeling loved and secure, and he is mostly terrier after all! He has been all over with me, from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye, and I could not wish for a better companion. Our next adventure will be a week in Wales next month. In short he is loving life right now and I thank you again for letting me have him. He’s a little diamond!

Dan is rarely still unless he’s asleep! Dan is an old oldie as you know. Every day with him is precious so I do spoil him a bit but he’s so happy when he’s the centre of attention. Even my cats are quite fond of him now!

As you can see he takes his day job as lookout very seriously . . . But he likes to snatch a snooze when off duty!!

It is so wonderful to see our rehomed oldies looking so happy and well cared for!