Goldie rocks the beach!

Gorgeous Goldie (previously named ‘Chips‘) found a fabulous new home and we have heard from her devoted family as follows:

“Goldie has now been in her new home for six weeks and is settling very well. She was so timid at first that it is a joy to watch her gain confidence and enjoy her walks in her new environment. She now lives beside the sea with a sandy beach and sand dunes.”

“Nearby are hills where she finds all sorts of very interesting smells. Indoors she has a bed in every room that has a blanket on it. Goldie loves her blanket and likes best of all to bury her nose and eyes.”

“She is affectionate and has cuddles on demand. It was the most happy day when this little dog came into our lives. Thank you Oldies Club for letting us have her.”

We couldn’t have wished for a better home for pretty Goldie and are so pleased to see her enjoying life to the full. Splendid!