Harry the “beautiful gingernut”

Gorgeous Harry the Golden Retriever was rehomed by Oldies Club three years ago and we have received this lovely update from his adoring family:

We love Harry and have done from the day we met him. This beautiful gingernut. It took a while for him to settle in, but now he enjoys walking round the acre garden, helping my husband garden i.e. pulling up bushes and chewing them into little bits. He’s not so ginger now as the sun is bleaching his hair. He loves his food and has put on a few pounds i.e. 8kg. He’s now on a diet!!

He loves to wander next door, where my son and daughter-in-law live and spends the night on their sofa.

We feel very lucky to have Harry. He’s had a health scare lately and had to have his spleen out, but he is making good progress and (fingers crossed) we hope to have him pruning our gardens for a long time yet.

Harry has certainly landed on his paws, hasn’t he! It is wonderful to see him looking so happy.