Merlin and his magical new life!

Mystical Merlin found a fabulous new home where he has a beautiful younger lady friend. What a lucky boy he is! His new family sent us this lovely update:

We already have a nearly four year old Weimaraner bitch, so we know and love the breed and were actively looking for a second older (and more sensible) dog.

We were told about Merlin via someone on one of the Weimaraner Facebook pages, he was nearly nine at the time and was living with a foster carer whilst waiting for his new home. He is a very loving and happy boy but he hadn’t been coping well with being left on his own during the day time which is why he was being rehomed. Perfect for us as we are at home most of the time, and when we aren’t, the dogs come out with us. Merlin is a beautifully behaved boy, so all credit to his previous family for training him when he was younger.

Merlin has been with us for more than ten months now and we couldn’t love him more. He has fitted in with our family routine and with our other dog. He is a gorgeous boy, his main loves are his walks, his food and cuddling on the sofa. We have taken him on holiday a couple of times since we have had him, and he really loved frolicking on the beaches. He also enjoys going to the pub. Wherever we go, people always stop to admire Merlin, he is very handsome (of course I’m biased!)

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was very wrong, Merlin attends an obedience class once a week and has already gained his Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen award, we are now working towards his silver award.

For anyone considering adopting an older dog, I’d say to go for it, they have plenty of love to give. We haven’t regretted our decision for one moment.

It is so touching to see that Merlin has found his ideal home and that he is having so much fun!