Nicky (now Skye) loving life and holidays!

We’ve heard from our beautiful Nicky the flying Beagle who is now known as Skye.

“Hello everyone. I used to be called Nicky and was given a new name to start my new life, Skye.

My mum tells me that I’ve been a very good girl from Day 1, that I am an easy dog and so loving, in fact she said I was ‘an angel’.

I love to go for long walks on the beach and in the fields with my step sister Ruby the westie. I’m never still unless I’m sleeping and then I snore.

We have a caravan and go on holidays! I love it and can choose between flopping in the awning or being outside with my family, mooching around or rolling in the grass.

Strange, but my tail never stops wagging now. My mum says that ‘I have a lot to learn but we have a lovely lifetime to learn it in’.

My favourite photo is the one where I am asleep in the awning of the caravan, under the blanket mum made specially for me. Yes I know that I am being very spoilt, so dad keeps telling me, but mum says that ‘I am worth it’.”

Beautiful Skye, it is lovely to hear your news and we are so happy to see you having fun with your wonderful new family. You are clearly living life to the full. We hope you have lots of exciting holidays ahead of you and also plenty of chances to practise your ‘flying’ on beaches!