Peg-pilfering Geo, a comfort to his new family

We’ve had an update on little Geo the Yorkie:

Geo loves to play, and if he can get something he’s not supposed to have, it can be a nightmare getting it back, be it sweets, cardboard boxes, even clothes pegs.

He still loves his walks, especially on the beach, and during the hot weather we even got him paddling in the shallow water, but he still doesn’t like walking in the rain.

Now that he has fallen into our ways, his character as really come to the fore. If I have to work on the floor, he will come and lick my nose to make sure I’m OK, and then lay at my feet. In the evening he will come and paw you to recline your chair so he can lay between your legs. And when certain soap music comes on, he knows how to work you for some treats.

We recently lost our other little boy who was 14, but having Geo has helped to overcome the loss, and we certainly wouldn’t be without him.”

It is so sad that Geo has lost his little friend, but we are very pleased that Geo has made himself at home and has been a comfort at this difficult time for his lovely new family. Take good care, Geo.