Please nominate Oldies Club for the Movement for Good awards

Hello :-) Could you spare a few minutes to nominate Oldies Club for Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards, please? 500 charities are going to win £1,000 and we could be one of them! This would be a wonderful contribution to our vet bills and support our volunteer work, rescuing and rehoming older dogs in the UK :-)

You just need to click HERE and complete the nomination form. I’ve hopefully included all the info you need below, including our charity number. Nominations close this Friday, 17 May 2019.

The more nominations we receive, the more chance we have of winning a share of the money, so we’d really appreciate it if as many of you as possible would take a minute to help and also spread the word to your dog-loving family and friends too.

  • Charity number: 1118246
  • Charity name: Oldies Club
  • Charity type: Animal
  • Then you need to enter your name and email address – they’ll email you if your nominated charity wins :-)
  • Select your location and age range from the drop-down bit
  • Who are you? Oldies Club supporters would select ‘other’.
  • Why are you nominating this charity? Please use this box to let them know, in your own words, how (hopefully) wonderful you think Oldies Club is, how our volunteer work is needed, how fantastic it would be for us to win £1,000 towards our vet bills etc.

Hope that covers everything. Any queries, please email Thank you very much :-)


Oldies Club Ecclesiastical