Please support our Winter Appeal today

~ Winter Appeal for Oldies Club ~

Today, 1 January 2019, we launch month two of our Winter Appeal with this wonderful drawing by five-year-old Freddie!

‘This is an old dog being pushed in a wheelchair by an Oldies helper, and a old dog with a walking stick, beard and glasses, being walked by an Oldies helper.’ :-)

Please donate whatever you can, from £2 upwards, towards the revised total on our Winter Appeal fundraising page HERE.

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We managed to meet our December target thanks to approximately 185 donations received for our Winter Appeal. Imagine what we can achieve in January with the help of more of the many thousands of dog lovers who follow our dog rescue work via Facebook, Twitter and our website. Will you help, please?

When Freddie found out that he’d won a £10 voucher in our Winter Appeal competition, he very kindly said he wanted to donate £1 back to Oldies Club. :-) #BeLikeFreddie


Today, 1 December 2018, as we enter the coldest time of the year here in the UK, we launch our Winter Appeal and ask YOU to donate what you can to support our work as we continue to take in old, often vulnerable dogs, who have found themselves in need of a new home and generally requiring some form of veterinary care alongside the TLC our loving foster homes provide.

Please donate to our Winter Appeal HERE.

We launch this year’s appeal featuring the wonderful drawing from Jack Stamp, aged nine, one of the winners of our recent competition to create artwork for our appeal. Thank you, Jack :-)

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If you already follow our volunteer rescue work via our website and/or social media accounts, you’ll already be familiar with the thousands of pounds we spend every month on vet bills to help prepare our dogs for their forever homes or, in the case of our sponsor dogs, to ensure they are as happy and healthy as possible in their permanent foster homes. You’ll already have seen many of those dear sugar-frosted faces peering out from your screen and no doubt felt extremely glad that Oldies Club was in a position to be there for them in their time of need, often when there was nowhere else for them to go.

We need your support to continue our essential rescue work for older dogs in the UK and we ask you, therefore, to please donate whatever you can spare to our Winter Appeal to help us care for these beautiful and deserving dogs, HERE.

We have set the initial fundraising target at £3,000 to be raised in December 2018, with the target to be amended for January and February, with the aim of raising at least £9,000 by the end of February 2019. If we can achieve this target it would be an enormous help towards paying our monthly vet bills over winter, when we have fewer opportunities to attend fundraising events etc, but sadly experience no slow-down in the requests for us to help dogs in need. Your donation will help us provide life-saving and life-changing care for some of the dogs that we expect to help during the next few months. If we were to exceed this overall total that would be amazing too – the more we raise, the more money we have available for the dogs we are asked to help.

We are hoping to engage the support of as many dog lovers as possible to do this. You can donate from £2 upwards to this fundraising page and we truly would be so grateful for any amount you can give. £9,000 may seem a large sum, but our vet bills can reach into many thousands of pounds in a single month and they are a huge and ongoing expense for us.

We appreciate that some of you will not be in a position to donate and that some may have donated recently – thank you. However, we have almost 30,000 ‘likes’ for our Facebook page alone, which means that if just 5% of our Facebook followers were to donate £2 each, each month, we would meet our target! That’s not even taking into account those supporters who purely visit our website or our Twitter account. Larger donations are very welcome too, of course, but we just wanted to demonstrate how much could be achieved by lots of lovely people perhaps sacrificing one shop-bought coffee a month, for example.

Please donate to our Winter Appeal HERE.

The thought of any older dogs finding themselves going without love and proper care this winter is an extremely upsetting one for all of us, as we’re sure it is for you. We cannot, unfortunately, help every older dog in need, but with your support we can continue our essential rescue work and make a significant difference for those dogs who do find their way into our care. We hope you would like to support our Winter Appeal and ask also that you share this with your dog-loving family, friends, colleagues etc. so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Thank you so very much,

The dogs and volunteers at Oldies Club, the little rescue with a big heart xxx

We will be featuring the artwork of our other two winners for January and February 2019 :-)

(If you would prefer to donate via other means, please email: with the subject heading Winter Appeal – that way we can provide you with the information you need and, importantly, keep track of all donations relating to this particular fundraiser and include an overall total on our fundraising page.)