Sweet Sherry – scotch egg and strolling expert!

Sublime Sheltie Sherry was 16/17 years old when she was adopted by her lovely foster carer in July 2018.

We had this update on Sherry back in the Autumn (apologies to Sherry and family for the delay in publishing):

“Still on no medicines and is eager as anything to go for walks. Naps more frequent (most of us in the same boat!) and she is slowing down considerably. If it is to the town centre and I natter a lot so they get lots of little rests, that is perfect. She is very popular. She loves to visit with Auntie who is getting on in the late 80’s, but the walk can be a long process so I have ordered her a dog stroller so she can have a ride in between walks. Pictures to follow. Fingers crossed she approves.

I bought her a very lovely and cosy bed for the living room and she does use it — well, quite a bit. Her command centre is still the kitchen with her big bed and half her toys and Jackie steers clear of it completely! She loves the back garden and they are constantly in and out the French window and feeling very outdoorsy.”

And here is a more recent update:

“She thoroughly enjoys her meals. Sliced cooked beef is a strong fave. Also a mixture of cut up Scotch eggs and turkey hot dogs, sausages including sausage rolls, pot-roasted chicken, hamburger with bacon. Life of Riley, really.

Sherry’s bed is in the kitchen which she has staked out as her command centre. There is another dog bed in the living room under the tv and she has more or less a large lounging area that stretches from the tv across the front of the fireplace. The wool carpet is cosy wall-to-wall.

I bought a stroller for her and it has proven most handy to carry groceries as she enjoys soldiering along. Very patient, she trots behind you when going shopping. She also really loves walking on the green area right behind the bungalow. And of course the shopping day is complete if we come back through the park!

She and Jackie get along well in a quiet way, but they are most helpful pointing out smells the other one might have missed, and hurry to inform the other if there is a snack in the offing!”

It is so good to see these photos of beautiful Sherry and we have loved hearing how much she is enjoying her new life.