Trigger, now a trim, fully-trained adventurer!

When Trigger was in Oldies Club foster care and available for rehoming, we described him as Trimmer Trigger, trainee adventurer, as prior to coming into rescue he hadn’t had an active lifestyle so was really enjoying getting out and about exploring. We were therefore keen to find Trigger a home where he would continue to have adventures. Imagine how happy we were to received this fabulous update from Trigger’s new home:

“Trigger settled in really well. At the beginning we thought he was a quiet, sedentary dog, but as time has gone on he’s found his voice and loves to explore in the woods and run on the beach.”

“His favourite things are chasing squirrels, looking out the window for the postman, and snoozing.”

“He still doesn’t like the motorbikes, but he’s better at the vets. We took him to the vets every week to be weighed and the vet would give him a fuss and a treat. After a couple of months he was calm and had his injections with no fuss at all. He’s been on holiday to Cornwall and North Wales and has really fitted in with our extended family. We absolutely love him.”

This update and the lovely photos certainly show that Trigger has achieved his dream of a fun and active retirement in a loving home.

It is wonderful to see!