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Updated 19 February 2019: We are now in the third and final month of this Winter Appeal with less than 10 days to go and over £2,000 still to raise to meet our target. Will you make a donation of £2 or more via our fundraising page – click HERE  – today, to help us, please?


Thank you so much to those who responded to our post on Facebook on Friday (original text copied below). Please keep up the momentum. We SO appreciate your support for our dogs


Well, the weather has turned cold and so, sadly, has the fundraising for our Winter Appeal  :-(

We’ve received approximately 185 donations to our Winter Appeal so far – thank you so much :-). With around 30,000 Facebook followers, 34,000 people who follow us on Twitter and many, many thousands of unique visits to our website, what can we do or say to persuade more of you to spare £2+ to help us continue our volunteer work through the winter? We’d really appreciate your help to raise the remaining £2,800-ish of this month’s Winter Appeal, before we move to February’s target :-)

At Oldies Club, we rescue and rehome older dogs who, for various reasons, were no longer able to stay in their previous home. Some come to us as much-loved dogs whose human had very sadly died or become very ill, or had to move to accommodation where dogs are not allowed. Some because their humans lost their homes or had had to change their jobs/hours, resulting in their dogs being unhappy at being left home alone for too long. Some because they were no longer wanted, such as Bailey, who was found tied to a lamp post. Some have experienced neglect.

We place all of these dogs in a warm, safe and loving foster home, where they will receive veterinary care, which is often much needed and represents most of our expenditure, along with love, patience and some time to relax and let go of a little of the stress they’ve experienced from the upheaval of finding themselves in a different home in their older age.

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We don’t generally have sad photos to show you. Our dogs are usually only placed in kennels in emergencies/for very short periods. Our photos on social media and on the rehoming pages of our website mostly show Oldies Club dogs once they are in their loving foster homes, starting to settle and enjoy life again while they await their forever homes. Is that what holds you back from finding your £2 for us? Please don’t let it. We very much need your support, because behind all the sweet and heartwarming photos of the dogs already in our care are the dogs on our waiting list, who may currently be in far from ideal situations, the dogs whose people are yet to contact us for help, the ones who may be abandoned/picked up as strays and the ones who may be left at vets to be put to sleep, but find their way to us as others have in the past.

As our regular followers will know, our vet bills reach thousands and thousands of pounds every month. We’ve paid out many thousands on individual dogs at times. Please help us help them by visiting our Winter Appeal fundraiser HERE and donating whatever you can spare (from £2 upwards).

Thank you,

Oldies Club, the little rescue with a big heart