A note from Darling Daisy!

We’ve heard news of Darling Daisy, living the life of a princess in her new home. Daisy writes:

Just a quick note from Daisy. My mummy and daddy keep telling me they love me and I am such a good girl. Even when daddy walks me and I slip my harness, I play with him by running off and then back to him, lol.. But mummy knows how I play and lets me off lead when we go to the park at grandma’s. I travel so well in the car, and safely, mummy would have it no other way for my safety.

My mummy and daddy want to say thank you so much as they love my company. I still love belly rubs, snuggling into mummy after walks, and a new ball mummy got for me that she puts treats in – all I have to do is push it around to get the treats. She says I am so clever! Thank you for my mum and dad, we been together 1 year and four months, YEH..

Thank you for getting in touch, Daisy. It is lovely to hear your news and we particularly enjoyed the story of you playing pretend-runaway games with your dad.

Keep on having fun, lovely girl!