A Tribute to Sponsor Dog Missy

We have received this lovely tribute for Missy from her foster family
The first day you arrived (July 2017) I took one look at you and fell in love. I wasn’t supposed to as we were just fostering but I couldn’t help it. Your frosted whiskers, Cleopatra eyes and a mouth that looked almost like a grin.  You came in the house and lay in a bed and fell fast asleep, like you had been there always.
When we were asked if you could stay as a sponsor dog we jumped at the chance. Yet I hadn’t realised just how perfect an older dog would be for us. You have been the most calm and sensible dog I could ever imagine. In a hectic life having you around was so soothing, a little piece of calm in a busy world. You demanded nothing but gave everything back. It was impossible to walk past you without taking a moment to stop and give you a tummy rub or a kiss and always we felt better for it. And it’s true that maybe you’d seen too many birthdays to be trekking in the hills of Cumbria but realistically so had I. Our walks together may have been at a leisurely pace but it made us linger longer and enjoy the surroundings more, yet you could sure leap out of your bed if you saw a spider passing by. Or even be an admirable opponent in a game of swing ball. You certainly had the energy and enthusiasm when you wanted it but you were efficient with it.

All your training had already been done and they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you certainly had me well trained after a few weeks. Training me to play hide and treat each evening and your time telling was impeccable.  You may not have been the youngest, fastest or most intelligent (like when we’d hide your treat in a box and instead of finding a way to get into the box you just bring the whole box to you bed and shred that instead) but you certainly were the most gentle and placid dog. So many people you met who didn’t even like dogs were warmed by you. There was a boy who visited our house who was so scared of dogs he couldn’t even go to the country park, he felt so comfortable with you that after a few visits he even walked you on a lead. His mum told me you had changed his life. You had a calm confidence that only comes with age. Like when you would bark at the waves on the beach but then lay on the sand and as we all ran as the waves were creeping up you lay there like King Canute and watched a wave come up around and beyond you, but somehow completely avoiding the spot in which you lay. The tide then receded without your toes even dipping in, now that is confidence!
We didn’t think you’d be with us long but we’re blessed with almost 3 years and we thanked our lucky stars each day for that. We see how much an older dog has to offer, how perfect they can be for family life and how much life and love there is in them.
We cannot thank Oldies Club enough for everything they have done. Never once wavering in their support for Missy and us. They provided everything we couldn’t, from her hydrotherapy which improved her fitness immensely right down to her last day when we were able to let Missy pass on in the most peaceful way we could have imagined. In the shade of a blossoming Hawthorn tree in our garden sleeping peacefully with a warm breeze. So peaceful that she could just feel our love and not our sadness.
Thank You Missy And Thank You Oldies Club.