Crumble and Bleecker, mummy’s and daddy’s girls!

Playful Poppets, Crumble and Bleecker found a fabulous new home and we have heard news from their new owners:

Where do we begin telling the story of these two little ones coming to live with us? They were part of the family from Day One.

Crumble literally walked in and took over: when Crumble wants a cuddle or to be lifted up onto the bed she demands it with her paw or her little “woof” … she actually says it just like that! Crumble is Mummy’s girl.

Bleacker was the quiet one of the pair but has completely come out of her shell now and is first in the queue for her share of the biscuit in the morning. Bleacker is Daddy’s girl.

They are amazing little dogs who get on with our other 3 dogs (all oldies, all rescue) and they all snuggle down together at night with no problems.

The house is always full of toys and fun, we never get a sit down without a dog friend on our lap and we have never eaten a bite without being watched!

We got married last year and had arranged for them all to attend, however our oldest dog was poorly and we can’t split them up at all as they fret, so they all stayed home with the dog sitter. Even when one of the gang is going out, for example to the vets, we have to take all five… it’s chaos!

The groomer comes every month so they all stay looking gorgeous, and healthwise they are doing well with monthly check ups. I can’t imagine life without them for sure xx

We couldn’t have wished for a happier life for this special pair. Keep on having fun there girls, with your lovely friends and your devoted mummy and daddy!