Jack, happily wrangling blankets in his forever home

We’ve heard lovely news from Jack, the undercover blanket wrangler‘s new family.

Jack came to us just over 6 months ago. In that six months he has gained so much confidence and loves his walks, although he likes to take his time! He likes his walks along the beach front where there are plenty of smells for him and he takes his time walking across the sand. Some days Jack can be slow and enjoys a stroll and some days he gets bursts of energy and enjoys running across fields and it is like he is a puppy again.

When Jack is home he makes sure his blankets are perfect in his bed and will make himself comfortable and have a snooze. If there are blankets laying around in the house I often catch him trying to drag the blanket to his bed, so at the moment he currently has three there and I’m sure if he found more he would make sure they were his! He gets spoilt with treats and chicken which is his favourite and gets lots of ear rubs.

He is a very good old boy and we love him very much.

We are so pleased to read this fabulous update on Jack, and particularly glad to know that his blanket wrangling skills haven’t diminished at all. Keep on having fun little Jack!