Leaha and Charlie, from abandoned to adored! (Good Life Dog Rescue)

Happy smiles to go with their shiny new names: Wheatley on the left and Meg on the right!

When we wrote Leaha and Charlie’s page on the Oldies Club website back in January, it was a very upsetting story to contemplate. They had been abandoned in a forest together just before Christmas. They were frightened and bewildered, and each was relying upon the other to help them through a traumatic time.

So imagine our delight to hear from the lovely people who saw these wonderful dogs, now named Meg and Wheatley, on our website and were so touched by their story that they decided to offer them a new home. This is what they told us:

We have adopted these two lovely dogs, and they’ve settled in well. We found them via your site and are so happy we did! Here is a photo of them living their best life in the sun.

Their story was absolutely heartbreaking, that’s what drew us to them; they’re a fantastic pair of dogs and really deserve all the love in the world.

These two beauties were abandoned before Christmas, and after three months they have found their forever home. Both are gorgeous in their own way, Leaha (now Meg) is a big cuddle monster, and Charlie (now Wheatley) just loves to play. They’re both now being cared for and spoilt rotten as they deserve to be, there have been minor issues, but they’re both more than worth it.

Isn’t this simply the best news to cheer us all in these current traumatic times? We are absolutely thrilled to hear that Meg and Wheatley are clearly so happy, loved and adored in their happy new home. Wonderful!