Maisey, queen of captions

Looking particularly pretty after my grooming

Pretty-as-a-daisy Maisey came into the Oldies Club rescue after being signed over to a dog pound. We were very happy when she found a lovely home and we are even happier to have received this update and splendid photos, together with captions, of Maisey enjoying her new life.

Having an afternoon nap
Which one do I open first?

“I adopted Maisey 5 months ago after seeing her little face on the Oldies Club rehoming page; her write up said she is stubborn, strong willed and cheeky: they were right (ha ha), but she is also very affectionate and loving and enjoys a cuddle on my knee. She settled in quite quickly and enjoys her walks and exploring our local park. My sofa is not my own anymore, I have to share it but that’s ok. I don’t have any regrets about adopting Maisey, she’s a great little girl.”

My first selfie

Well done on training your new human so well, Maisey, and even learning how to pose for a selfie. We hope that you continue to have lots of fun!