Marley and his irresistible saucer eyes!

Marvellous Marley came into the Oldies Club rescue in 2019 when his original owner sadly became too ill to care for him. He went into foster with a lovely family in Newcastle, before moving down south to his new family home.

Marley’s new family tell us: “Marley is a confident chap who settled in straight away, but, he is also polite and asks before getting on the sofa; knowing that a quick glance with his saucer eyes and beautiful face will get him his way!

Apart from sleeping on the sofa with his humans, Marley’s other favourite pastime is chasing a ball. He would do this all day long if he could. He also likes to help out around the house: for example, collecting the post each morning when it is delivered and passing it to the relevant human.

All in all, Marley seems happy to have found a comfortable new home, and both he and his humans are looking forward to many more years together.

Marley is such a handsome boy and we can see how he manages to get his own way with those adorable eyes! Thank you very much for the lovely update and photos.