Milo has a new-found love of holidays!

Gorgeous Milo the Cocker Spaniel was adopted by his lovely foster family and we’ve had an update and these sweet photos. Doesn’t he look happy!

Here is the news of Milo:

“Milo settled in really well and adapted to our family very well although with the virus and holidays he has not seen too much of our grandchildren. We are quite surprised how spritely he is for his 14 years and he is enjoying his walks with us. We have just got back from holiday and we found he loves to paddle through all the streams and wade into the ponds. This I have been told is a spaniel trait.

He is great travelling in the car, the 8-hour journey to Cornwall was no bother to him at all, although now he thinks he should go in the car every time we go out. I have to pull him down the path from the garage, you would think he did not want to take a walk, but once over the road he is fine.

I am including some photos showing how he has taken to camping, although try as we might, we could not get him to sit on the caravan seats and he never did get the idea of climbing the step. He could do it when he thought about it but generally, he was in too much of a hurry and finished up doing somersaults never seeming to hurt himself – we called him calamity.

Thank you for letting us adopt Milo, we love him to bits.

It is so cheering, in these difficult times, to hear good news of oldies living life to the full in their new homes.