Sasha the Smasher!

We’ve heard from Sasha‘s new owners and it’s very good news! Here’s what they told us:

Sasha is a lovely girl who settled very quickly with us. She’s very well behaved and extremely loving. She soon got into a routine and quickly realised which cupboard held her food. She loves her food but isn’t a greedy girl, unlike some Labradors we’ve had before!! She thoroughly enjoys her walks and as we live in a little hamlet surrounded by fields and woods, most of this is off lead so she can sniff and explore to her heart’s content. We usually take her for a walk twice a day and walk around 5 miles in total. It’s very quiet around us so we hardly see anyone but she is very friendly with everyone she meets and has started wagging at and wanting to go up to other dogs. We have discovered that she will not toilet in the garden although we have now got her to have a quick wee last thing at night before bed. We were warned that she pulled like a train on the lead which she did initially but she’s now settled down and walks well on the lead.

She loves being outside and in the last few weeks of dry weather when we’ve been gardening she either sits out with us or brings a tennis ball for us to throw which she loves to chase. She is very good at finding tennis balls on her walks with us. Before the lockdown she enjoyed journeys in the car out onto the moors for long walks.

We’ve had no problems with her health wise and she seems to be very fit. She does like to sleep once she comes in from her walk. She’s happy to go for a walk with either myself or my husband but she does enjoy us all being together particularly in an evening when she realises after we’ve eaten we all go into the lounge and watch TV. She has a bed in there in front of the fire which she loves to settle on. She’s still got the bed she came with in the utility room as well as a thick duvet in the kitchen and she gravitates between the two over night.

We really love her and couldn’t have asked for a nicer dog. She makes us smile every day with her antics and her zest for life. Her tail never stops wagging and if she hears one of us coming she wags enthusiastically and her tail sounds as though it’s beating a drum. Her nickname is Sasha the Smasher because she is such a smashing dog!!

Isn’t that wonderful news for our special Sasha? We particularly love her nickname – she is a true smasher indeed!