Alfie, effortlessly breaking rules in Lincolnshire!

We’ve heard from little Alfie‘s new family…

Well … what can I say about Alfie! He has now been with us for 3 weeks and to say that he has settled in well would be a complete understatement. He has taken over the house and it would be fair to say pretty much rules the roost!

It took a few days for him to gain his confidence but he has always been extremely laid back and taken everything in his stride. We started off by having a few rules that we intended to stick to, these were pretty much thrown out the window on Day 2!

When we first met Alfie he appeared to be a very slow moving and sedate individual. Little did we know that now he has more confidence he sometimes races around the house and garden like a 4 year old (are you sure he is 14?). Alfie appears to really enjoy living in Lincolnshire and we are taking him for walks in the evening along the country lanes near to our home. He has managed to say hello to the Shire horses in the field and make friends with the 2 dogs each side of us. We also took him on a visit last weekend to meet my brother and sister in law who have a Springer Spaniel. The 2 hit it off immediately.

Alfie isn’t a morning dog and likes to lay in until just before lunch when he comes down for brunch from our bedroom (Rule No. 1 broken!). After brunch he likes to potter around the garden and see what is happening. He then starts to liven up at tea time and in the early evening appears to adopt the energy of an adolescent dog!

I am a home maker and Graham works from home so he is not short of company. We have taken him to the seaside and on some lovely country walks. Alfie is fantastic in the car and just curls up and goes to sleep when we are travelling. He is eating very well and has the ability to make us feel really guilty when we are sitting at the table. We have not yet fed him from the table but I fear this is another rule that may get broken!

We all absolutely adore him and his personality is a great credit to his previous owner. We are so grateful that we are able to have him as part of our family.

I attach a couple of photos including one of him immediately having visited the dog groomer. We are glad we took this shortly after his visit because the overall look didn’t last long!

He now has 3 beds (1 in the lounge near the fire, another 1 in the lounge in a cooler spot and finally his night bed in our bedroom).

Doesn’t Alfie look happy and settled? It sounds like the perfect home for a perfect, personality-filled oldie. And just the type of news we love to hear, here at Oldies Club!