Queen Cleo Basset and the sloth!

We’ve heard great news of wonderful Cleo Basset in her lovely new home:

“We wanted to send you good news about all your great efforts to re-home Cleo who has been with us for 6 months now and has settled in so well! She is a gem and we feel very fortunate to have her as part of our family.

She is an adorable loving pup who likes eating, cuddling, sleeping, and going out – probably in that order! She has settled in well at home, adjusted to the routine and is a very relaxed and fun dog to have around.

I worked with wonderful pet nutrionists, one of whom is a mum to 3 Basset hounds herself, to devise a diet plan for her to improve her condition and ensure her pancreatitis is also kept in check with a low fat diet. The immediate beneficial effects of good food were amazing, even to those of us who have seen the benefits of raw dog food before, I could hardly believe how dramatically her skin improved in just a few days and we have never even had to give her the Malaseb bath. Her coat is so soft it’s like velvet and the vet has been very impressed with the improvement in her ears with the raw food diet too.

The change in diet also improved her energy. She is happy to go on walks, or wanders as is mostly the case, and will potter around for an hour and never sits down anymore (although we have also learned this is typical breed behaviour when they are not ready to move on!) She does like to take her time and we have some lovely fields near our house where she can be off lead and explore at her own pace. She loves to meet other dogs and people, especially children and is a very sweet, affectionate and friendly dog. She wants to meet everyone on walks and will wait for them to be near enough to say hello, which can also take time!

She is also a very funny little character who keeps us entertained! She rolls around on the floor smiling and has discovered a love of toys. There is nothing funnier than a super-sized sausage dog running through the house with a hotdog toy in her mouth, her other favourite toy is, rather appropriately, a sloth!

She takes the tennis balls from the basket but doesn’t quite know what to do with them after that, sometimes rolling them around or the one time when she caught one she seemed to even surprise herself! She climbs into our bed and burrows under the covers and sleeps there! She loves to climb up on the couch and re-arrange the throw pillows to her liking, usually into a mound, and sleep there! Or unaware of her considerable size climb onto our laps and sit there. She ‘talks’ on occasion but we find this quite amusing too as we have gotten to know her different sounds and requests. She likes a routine and will let us know when it is time that he is in the kitchen preparing dinner! She loves to watch food preparation.

She has taken up squirrel duties with gusto though, you need only say ‘squirrel’ and she’s off!”

Thank you so much for the update! We are very pleased to hear that Cleo’s new diet has worked wonders for her and that she is clearly having the time of her life. What a brilliant outcome for this very special, characterful lady!