Thinking of Ukrainian people and animals

With the terrible events of recent weeks, we wanted to post here to say that our thoughts and hopes are with the people and animals of Ukraine. The heartbreaking news reports of adults and children desperately fleeing for their lives, many of them clutching their beloved pets, have been so difficult to watch. If you are feeling utterly helpless, and wishing there was something you could do to help, you might like to consider donating to a relevant charity.

There are many charities, and indeed individuals, working in and around Ukraine, and it can be hard to know where to start when looking for ones to donate to. We thought that we’d list here some that we know of that are making a difference right now. Oldies Club is not connected with them in any way, so do please read their websites and social media for more information.

DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – “brings together 15 leading aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently”. They work to provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection for families fleeing the conflict who have left their homes with only the items they were able to carry.

Breaking the Chains – two UK ex military guys who have driven into Ukraine to take food to shelters and also brought many shelter dogs and cats out to safety. Video accounts of their work are on Facebook and donations are via their DonorBox appeal or via the PayPal address which is given in this Facebook post.

Nowzad – are now working in Ukraine, supporting and supplying Ukrainian shelters, feeding stray animals, and also supporting organisations at the Polish border. You can donate via the Nowzad website and, after selecting your home region, you will be given the choice of donating to Nowzad’s work in Ukraine or in Afghanistan.

Dogs on the Streets are working in association with Naturewatch Foundation who have a team of vets set to travel to the Ukraine border to provide care for animals that have fled. Dogs on the Streets have loaned their vet vehicle for the trip and are providing medical essentials, medication, fuel, insurance etc. They will also support any animals that can make the journey back to their sanctuary in the UK. You can support this mission via Dogs on the Streets’ appeal on Golden Giving or via Naturewatch Foundation’s appeal.

Viva – a UK charity that has a shelter in Poland. They are rescuing dogs from Ukraine and are caring for them at their Polish shelter.

Vizslamentés UK Rescue Trust – has a sister charity, Vizslamentés Magyarország, in Hungary and they are delivering food to various shelters in Ukraine. Examples of what they have achieved so far are on their Facebook page.

Four Paws UK – has a bear sanctuary in Ukraine. Their brave and dedicated team have remained at the sanctuary, taking care of the bears. They also have a Stray Animal Care Team in Ukraine.

A useful hub for information and various links is the Ukraine Animal Rescue Information Facebook group, but we are not in a position to verify the information included there and you should of course conduct your own research before donating to any cause.

We hope that these links will help you find a cause that you would like to support. Even if you can only donate a small amount, when all the small amouts are added together it really does make a huge difference, so don’t let that put you off. You will have done something to help and it will be much appreciated by your chosen charity, and by the people and/or animals they support.