Oldies Club

The Oldies Club helps older dogs find forever homes. Homes and volunteers needed across the UK.

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Oldies Club Questionnaire

If you could print and distribute posters featuring dogs needing homes, we need you to join the Oldies Club! You don't have to complete this questionnaire to join the Oldies Club - you could just email oldies@oldies.org.uk instead and ask to join the list.

However, if you would like to share your skills and experience to help old dogs, please use this form to tell us about yourself.

Your name:

Your email:

Your phone number:
(Although you don't have to give your phone number, we are finding increasingly that email is not always reliable. If you give a phone number we still can contact you if our emails to you bounce.)

Your area / nearest town:

Are you:
New to the Oldies Club?
An existing supporter of the Oldies Club providing more information?

How did you first come across the Oldies Club?

Fundraising, Transport, Fostering, Homechecking

If you would like to help out with any of these areas just check the box and the relevant Oldies Club coordinator will get back to you with more information.

Would you like to help us with fundraising or promotion?

Are you able to help transport dogs?

Could you help us with home visits?

In which areas could you carry out home visits?

Have you homechecked for another rescue before? If so, tell us about that:

Are you interested in offering a dog a temporary foster home while we find him a new family?

The information on this form will be held by the Oldies Group Admin team for the purpose of identifying volunteers able to help with various activities connected with The Oldies Club. This information will not be made available to any third party without your prior consent. If at any time you do not wish to receive further mailings from the Oldies Club please inform us on oldies@oldies.org.uk . Your address will be removed from our mailing list and your record deleted. For further details, see our privacy policy.