In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Bertie (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

24/9/13 – Sad news – poor Bertie had to be put to sleep :( Run free, Bertie.

Hello, my name is Bertie. I’ve been in the care of NAWT Berkshire since January 2012 and have been looking for my new home ever since. Apparently I’m ten years old, but I don’t believe it. My friends here think I am a Basset Hound cross, but I’m not letting on whether that is right or not! Not much is known about my past, but I was brought in when my owner passed away and no one wanted me.

When I first arrived I was quite confused and took my time to settle, but once I had made some new friends I was a lot happier. Sadly, I have found kennel life to be very stressful. I do not cope with people looking through my window or the other dogs barking. The staff now take me to a quiet place during the day so I don’t get so worried. I like it there as I get lots of attention from my human friends as they go in and out.

I have a number of friends here and boy do they know it! I always greet them with full body wiggles and lots of tail wagging every day. I’m incredibly loving and get up on the sofa for as many cuddles as I can. When I’m going for my walk here I insist on saying ‘hello’ to all my friends as I would not want them to think I don’t love them. The staff also regularly tell me that I am very clever. I know lots of tricks; paw, sit and stay to name a few. I also really enjoy agility; I light up when my toy comes out and my handler starts asking me to jump. I can do the tunnel and dog walk as well. My reward for doing the right tricks is my rope ball. I love this toy and I also play fetch with it; I will drop it nicely and then back away ready for it to be thrown. I love to learn new things and I try my best to do everything asked of me.

I have had a couple of lumps and bumps removed, so while I had stitches in I wasn’t allowed to look for my new family. Then I pulled a muscle and got my friends all worried for a little while as I was so lame. Thankfully x-rays showed no underlying arthritis and I am now able to run around again, although I’m not allowed to take up marathons or mountain climbing.

I have been working with the dog trainers to help me with my nervousness. The staff have been taking me out to new places and showing me that new people are not so scary. I’ve really come a long way with this and when I am on walks away from the site I can walk past people and I am fine as long as they don’t try to stroke me. I still worry about other dogs, but as long as they keep away I am ok.

Since I can be nervous of visitors my new family will need to live in a quiet home and have somewhere safe for me to go when they have guests. Ideally they need to be experienced with nervous dogs, but the dog trainers here will provide help for as long as my new family need it. They will also need to visit the centre several times a week for a few weeks so that I can get to know them and bond before going home. I cannot live with dogs and cats, but that won’t matter as I will make sure you get plenty of hugs!

I’m a special boy looking for a special home. I have so much to give, are you the person to receive it?


To find out more about me, please contact NAWT as follows;

Tel: 01488 638584


Please mention that you saw me on the Oldies Club website.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.