Mabel (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Mabel is a gorgeous German Shepherd who was sadly found as a stray. She is such a gentle soul who is good with people and okay with other dogs, though she would prefer to be the only pet in the home. Mabel can live with children aged 12+ and would be a lovely companion.

Sonny (Good Karma Rescue, fostered Kent)

If you’re looking for a little friend to snuggle up with, spend the day with, and take for daily walks to get you out and about, little Sonny would be perfect. He’s had a sad time of late and is hoping to find someone special to love.

Bobby (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

Bobby likes to get to know people slowly and only wants fuss, well, when he wants it! He’s his own person and that must be respected. He’s OK with other dogs on walks but wants to be the only pet in an adult only home. Are you worthy of his cuteness?

Branny (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

Branny has the most expressive ears and soulful eyes. He loves playing fetch and snuggle time on the sofa. Branny knows his basic training and enjoys learning for treats. He’s a clever boy who will thrive in an adult, pet-free home.

Luanne (Safe Rescue, fostered Middlesex)

Luanne is a very gentle Crossbreed who has come a long way since life in Romania. She’s really starting to blossom, playing with her foster brother, going on walks and even showing a cheeky side. Luanne would thrive in a loving home with time and patience to build up her confidence.

Harry (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

Adorable Harry likes to have company and is scared when left on his own. He would like a quiet, adult home – preferably within half an hour of Newbury – with his people around most of the time. Harry will make a lovely, sweet little companion.

Raven (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Herts)

Raven arrived in rescue with her skin in a terrible state, but she rapidly improved with good care. This special little girl deserves a wonderful home. She is good with other dogs and is a real favourite at CDRS. Could Raven come to live with you?

Dot (NAWT Clacton, Essex)

Looking for a dog that doesn’t like walks but loves affection and snoozing in front of the TV? You might think that a collie won’t suit you, but think again! If you have a nice garden and no other pets, Dot might want to move in.

Timmy and Suzy (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Doubly cute, Timmy and Suzy love each other and have always been together, so they are looking for a foster/permanent home together. They are such a sweet pair who are good with other dogs out and about and can live with children 10+, but no cats please.

Dante (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Surrey)

Dear little Dante is an affectionate boy once he trusts you. He is shy with new people, especially men. Children are altogether a bit of a worry. He absolutely loves other dogs though! He needs a settled, adult only home with kind owners. Could that be with you?

Mabel (Rovers Dog Rescue, fostered Essex)

Poor Mabel was shut in a flat for 9 years and is fearful of all things new. She’s now bonded with her foster mum but is wary of strangers. She’s looking for an experienced, patient owner who can help her blossom into a sweet, loving companion. She would suit being the only pet but could live another calm dog.

Sam (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Sam is such a sweet and lovely natured boy who is very good with other dogs, walks well on the lead and is house-trained. He can live with children aged 10+ but no cats please. He was abandoned and can’t wait for a loving permanent or foster home as he just loves being with people.

Tika (Safe Rescue, fostered Norwich)

Steady lady Tika is very friendly, getting on well with most other dogs. She enjoys walks, home comforts and good company. She’s spent a decade living in kennels but now it’s her chance for a happy life!

Harvey (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Harvey is a delightful little chap who is a real favourite at Foal Farm. He needs owners who can cope with his likely future mobility issues and who will be committed to taking him for regular hydrotherapy.

Sid (All Dogs Matter, North London)

What a face! Sid can live with older children as long as they respect nap times. His main hobby is snoozing! He just wants a simple life as an only pet with a garden, a comfy bed and a bit of fuss. Although, he could stand a lot of fuss!

Abbey (Rescue Remedies, West Sussex)

Abbey has proven on walks that she’s calm walking past other dogs, cats and cows. She’s impressed everyone with what a sweet and gentle girl she is. Once she trusts you, she’ll be your best friend and take you on lovely adventures in nature. She especially loves a splashies!

Bill and Ben the Chocolate Men! (Oldies Club, fostered Oxfordshire)

23/9/19 – No more enquiries for Bill and Ben please – they’re now reserved!
Feast your eyes on this double chocolate delight! Bill and Ben are kind-hearted Labs who are devoted to one another. They need a home where they won’t need to climb steps – a bungalow with a large garden would be perfect. They love a trip out in the car.

Sandy (RSPCA South Godstone, Surrey)

All dogs are special but Sandy is exceptional! True, she’s loving, obedient and all the usual stuff BUT she doesn’t need walks. Physically, she’s completely normal. Emotionally, she’s a resolute homebody. She wants to be an only pet in an adult only home with a big garden… having absolutely no adventures!

Snoopy (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Soppy Snoopy is such a lovely, gentle Mastiff lady who just wants to snuggle up, have someone to lean on and a cosy bed. She’s okay with dogs and could live with a calm male dog and children 12+ due to her size. She’s a kennel favourite but would love to find a foster or permanent home please.

Molly (Dogs Walk This Way, Berkshire)

Sweet Molly is still in kennels dreaming of a loving home of her own. She loves people and just wants to please. Molly would suit a laid-back, bigger dog as company or be the only pet in a home where any children are aged 14+.

Rover (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Rover is a lovely boy: gentle, affectionate and playful. He was in a happy home for 6 years but a change in circumstances means he’s in kennels, missing home comforts and company. Could he be your new companion?

Duke (Last Chance Animal Rescue, Kent)

Duke just wants to be loved and have cuddles once he knows you, but hasn’t been anywhere long enough to be given the chance. So, he’s looking for an understanding and patient owner to give him that chance of a caring home. Could you be that special person to help him?

Aimee (Last Chance Animal Rescue, Kent)

Aimee the gentle Greyhound is hoping for a comfortable home in which she can rest her aching old limbs. She’s a super friendly girl who loves other dogs. Could you offer her the home comforts she craves?

Beauty & Megan (Essex Greyhound Rescue)

Greyhounds are such low maintenance dogs, so it makes perfect sense to adopt two! These best friends are Beauty and Megan and they are looking for a nice quiet home together where they can snooze the days away happily.