Please sponsor an Oldie this Christmas?

** Sponsor an Oldie this Christmas! **

*If you wish to sponsor an oldie for a Christmas gift, please ensure that the donation and all sponsor information is with Oldies Club by Wednesday 4 December 2013 to enable us to print and post your sponsor pack(s) to you by the Royal Mail’s last posting dates*

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Sponsor one of our oldies this Christmas.

If you are looking for a special Christmas present for a dog lover, please consider sponsoring one of our oldies.

You can read about the sponsor scheme here and see the oldies currently available for sponsorship here. Donations can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. We can also accept donations via cheque and postal order, but please bear in mind that donations sent via post can take much longer than usual around Christmas time and we don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

When submitting your information to Angela, please let her know:

if the sponsor pack is for a Christmas present.

the name of the dog(s) you wish to sponsor.

the name(s) of the recipients as you would like them to appear on the sponsor certificate/letter (including surnames if you wish them to be included).

the name(s) of the person the gift is from (including multiple names if applicable)

where you would like the pack to be sent (please advise if this is your address or the recipient’s)

If you are sponsoring an oldie as a gift for a child, please state this in your information, along with the approximate age of the child, so any text can be amended accordingly.

You are also welcome to sponsor a dog for yourself, of course :-)

Oldies Club dogs generally become sponsor dogs due to ill health. We place the dogs in long-term foster homes, where the dogs receive all the veterinary treatment they need, along with lots of loving care from their foster families, with the charity covering vet bills for the rest of the dog’s life.

If you sponsor an Oldies Club dog for a loved one, or indeed as a gift for yourself, the recipient will receive a sponsor pack, which includes a sponsor certificate and a personalised letter from the sponsor dog. Please ensure you send all the information for the sponsor pack to Angela at so that we can issue your pack. Thank you :)

Sponsorship starts from a minimum suggested annual donation of £15, though of course more is very welcome and appreciated :)

Our sponsor pack now includes our new and exclusive sponsor dog car sticker (which can be placed on the inside of a house window, facing out, if preferred).

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If we receive your donation/information by 4 December 2013, we will meet the last posting date (though we will still be reliant on Royal Mail delivering in time). If you have purchased a pack after this date, we will post the pack to you as soon as possible, but it may well arrive after Christmas.

Thank you for thinking of our oldies this Christmas.