*Wanted: 50 dog lovers to take the £50 pledge this month*

Hello, lovely supporters,

For the last two years we have run a September Pledge, which has been well supported – thank you – and so we have decided to run it for a third year. We hope lots of you will decide to take part, as the money is much needed at this time, to help take care of our beautiful sugar-frosted ones :-)

We are looking for 50 people to pledge to raise £50 each this month for Oldies Club. As many of you already know, we’re a small volunteer-run charity that rescues and rehomes older dogs in the UK. 50 x £50 will generate £2,500 for us, which would be a tremendous help with the care of our oldies as we approach the winter months, but more people and more money raised would certainly be welcome too!

If you would like to pledge to raise £50 for us this month, please email f@oldies.org.uk with September Pledge as your subject and confirm your full name in the email. Please state in the your email if you’re happy for us to add your full name to the list of pledges on our Facebook page HERE, or if you would prefer we just used your initials.

We’re asking for an email contact so that I can get in touch with people easily if needed, as a few people have pledged in previous years, never to be heard from again. We understand that sometimes life throws unexpected things our way, but we ask that you only pledge if you are serious about raising your £50.

We ask that however you choose to raise the money, you do it in September (though depending on what you do and when, we understand some money may come in a little later).

You are welcome to raise the funds by whatever means you prefer and we welcome creative ideas – providing it’s legal! Here are a few thoughts to hopefully inspire you:

~ Tell your family/friends/colleagues about Oldies Club and hold a collection

~ Take part in a sponsored event (supporters have previously run marathons/taken part in other organised runs/walks and also arranged walks, horse rides etc themselves)

~ Hold an event such as a quiz night, car boot sale, plant sale, coffee morning, cake sale or dinner party amongst family/friends or at your school, work, club

~ Sell your beautiful creations, such as artwork, jewellery, pottery and cards

~ Donate the proceeds/a percentage from your pet-related (or any other) business. Perhaps you run a boarding kennels or dog-sitting business or are a dog groomer, trainer or pet photographer

~ Give up something for a week/month! Perhaps there’s a habit you’d like to quit – knowing you’re raising funds for older dogs can help you get going and then keep going when it’s a struggle! As examples, supporters have previously raised funds by: giving up chocolate for x days, lost weight, gone soap-free for a month, or had a vegetarian/vegan month.

If you’d prefer to just donate the money directly yourself, as many have previously, that’s wonderful too.

If you are going to ask people to sponsor you, you can setup your own page via our Just Giving account and then ask people to donate directly to that page. If you need any guidance with setting up a JG page, please email f@oldies.org.uk. Money can otherwise be sent to us via bank transfer, PayPal, cheque etc. – please request the relevant info via f@oldies.org.uk.

Hopefully this explains everything, so, over to you all now … who’s going to pledge to raise £50 for our delightfully sugar-frosted oldies this month? . Please make sure you email to let us know you’re taking part, so we can keep track, as best as possible, of the number of participants and the total raised.

Thank you so much :-)

The dogs and volunteers at Oldies Club, including little Toby, who is still looking for a forever home.

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